Margie’s Pet Peeves

“My mother, Margie was born in the 1920’s to an old Boston family. She grew up in the days of hats and gloves and girls in dresses. She learned to sew at an early age and since then has sewn her own clothes, my clothes and clothes for her Grandchildren. She costumed me for my first horseshows (My pony and I won 1st place as Snow White!), my plays, her Barber Shop singing group “The Yankee Belles” and even created her own costume from things she found at the dump for the Annual Miss Dumpy Parade in Kennebunkport Maine. She has never worn a sweat suit or a pair of blue jeans in her life. She comes to visit every year for Thanks giving and steps off the plane in a travelling skirt, gloves and a cloche hat, which she has undoubtedly made herself. I consider her a real connoisseur of fashion and so we must take into account… Margie’s Pet Peeves.

1. Black stockings with red shoes. Regardless of the size of your feet, they will look gargantuan!

2. White tights on any woman over 6, unless she’s a Registered Nurse. They make your legs look like piano legs.