What’s in KT’s Closet?

closet01One of the joys of performing on stage, to me, is the element of visually creating the mood of the venue, or the audience, or your own attitude. Therefore, choosing the costume, if you will, may take as much thought as choosing the music. My dedication to this process, my love of clothes, my ability to sew and the fact that I am a Boston Brahmin who hates to spend money, have enabled me to become a bit of an expert on the subject of clothing. I thought it would be fun to share the things that I have learned. Let’s start with a few simple rules.

1. Never Shop when you actually need something. This puts too much pressure on you and you’re likely to either settle for something that’s really not right for you, or spend an inordinate amount of money on something you could find elsewhere for a heck of a lot less. I find some amazing deals and perfect “fits” at Marshall’s. It does take time. You’ve got to trudge through a lot of junk, and you can rarely find something right away, but be patient, and you may be rewarded with an awesome pair of cowboy boots, or a beaded red dress that looks like it was made on you for only $40!

closet022. Don’t pay too much attention to the sizes. They are frequently misleading. I have a winter coat that is a size 20 and great little dress that’s a size 4. Generally speaking, the higher the price the smaller the size. Meaning, that if it’s a Versace, I’m a size 2…Carole Little, size 6… 6 or 8 at the Gap, and 8 or 10 at Old Navy. After all, if you’ve seen anything on the runway lately, you know that the styles, as they are meant to be worn look like hell. Therefore, create your own style on your own body.

closet033. Wear clothes that divert attention from your flaws and embellish your other attributes. If your tummy is a little “loose”, wear a backless dress. Who’s going to look at your front? If you’re a little lacking in the bosom, wear a push up bra. For God’s sake don’t get an operation unless you’re thinking about a career in porn. Also, there’s a lot to be said for ruffles when augmenting a small bust. If you’ve got great legs, show them off! A great pair of legs can detract from just about anything. Put them in great shoes and let them do the talking.

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