The Diva Collection

Deconstructing The Diva
Join chanteuse KT McCammond for a rollicking journey thru the musical signatures and colorful careers of Female Icons. From Eartha Kitt and Marilyn Monroe to Tina Turner, Amy Winehouse and more. Explore what makes a Diva.

“Many reasons explain why Deconstructing la Diva ranks among this season’s finer cabaret offerings in Chicago. Foremost is Diva KT McCammond herself. Her chops honor Bizet or Amy Winehouse with equal aplomb. She moves with the grace of the dancer that she is. And there’s that statuesque, charismatic sex appeal. It’s edgy at times, yet never harsh….Deconstructing la Diva is a grand offering: Indeed, it’s diva-licious!”

—Cabaret Scenes Magazine


KT Sings Kitt for the Auditorium Summer
Cabaret Series, 6/10